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Targeted Organic Traffic

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    Targeted web traffic data, security, and mobile. Check Google Search Console for manual actions and security issues. If there is an error in either report, you ’ll need a process to resolve the error and submit a reconsideration request.

    The first is manual countermeasures. If you ’  violated our guidelines and have been penalized for manual actions, you ’ll see a detailed description of the manual action and the affected pages. Unnatural links, low-value content with no value are classic penalties. To solve the manual action issue, follow the steps outlined on the official page to resolve all issues and request a re-review.

    The same is true for security issues. Looking for keyword-driven website or blog traffic?  Buy organic Search traffic In case of hacking or malware damage, the report will show details of the error. Follow the instructions on the official page to resolve these errors and request a re-review

    Test with URL inspection tool

    Check the page with the URL inspection tool to see if there are any errors in the Google registration status, index coverage, and extensions. The information that can be obtained with this URL inspection tool is very important as shown below, and indexing errors are especially fatal. If there is a problem with the index, even search results will not be displayed.

    • Check the current index status of a URL
    • Public URL inspection
    • URL indexing request
    • View rendered page
    • Display loaded resource list, JavaScript output, and other information

    Google Search Console> URL inspection> Enter URL

    If you check the results and there is an error, the details of the error and the solution will be displayed. If you want to check the status of only the index data of all pages of the website, you can check it at a glance with the index coverage report.


    • Sitemap report
      • Check the sitemap report for errors in the sitemap.
    • Email notification settings
    • If you register your email address in the Google Search Console message settings, you can receive email notifications from Google Search Console if an error occurs.

    2. Check Google search algorithm update information

    Find the latest updates on Google ’s search algorithms. This is because if the ranking drops immediately after the update, it may be affected by the update. Buy targeted organic website traffic and know that you are buying traffic that is of the highest quality, there are two algorithm updates. New algorithm rollout and refresh of existing algorithms. In any case, keep track of what content has been updated. The following sources and tools can help you stay up to date with Google.

    Information source

    The following blogs and Twitter provide the latest information on SEO. Some blogs distribute search-related news via email every day, so it is convenient to register for several newsletters.

    • History of Google search algorithm updates
      • Google Algorithm Change History
      • History of Google Algorithm Updates
      • Google Also Updates and More – A Complete List of Changes that Could Affect Your Site's Traffic.


    Next is a tool that allows you to see changes in Google ’s algorithm on a graph.

    Penguin Tool

    You can compare the variation of the algorithm with the variation of website traffic in a graph. The main point is that you can compare and analyze data from your website by linking with Google Analytics data.


    The fluctuation of Google's algorithm is expressed as a graph based on the weather forecast. If the numerical value is large and the rain mark is displayed, it means that the ranking has fluctuated.

    SEMrush Sensor

    Like MozCast but displays more detailed data than MozCast. We also offer embedded widgets as follows:

    3. Check backlink profile

    Check your page's linked profile in Ahrefs to see if you've lost links with high ratings such as DR and UR. Backlink is an important factor in SEO. If you lose valuable backlinks that have contributed significantly to boosting your rankings, it's likely that your rankings will go down.

    Ahrefs> Site Explorer> Enter URL> Linked Profile> Link Lost> Filter by 60 Days

    If you lost an important link, check the page for the lost link. If the link is deliberately removed, we suggest that the site owner relink. If the lost link cannot be recovered, the following link building strategy will be used to acquire new backlinks.

    • SEO case study: A 170% increase in the number of linked links over 14 days
    • Complete Guide to Linked Acquisition: Link Building Strategy

    In addition, when you check the linked profile, you rarely encounter negative SEO. Negative SEO is a malicious act that attempts to lower the ranking of a target site by linking from a spammy site.

    However, most sites that think they are suffering from negative SEO are caused by other factors. Buy website traffic to boost your presence and get noticed!  standard and premium website traffic options including; social media traffic, Targeted mobile traffic, US State targeted website traffic, Alexa traffic and organic traffic.  There's something for every need/objective It is often the case that the link that contributed to the ranking will be deleted by using the link denial tool if it is misunderstood as being damaged. In other words, negative SEO is really rare, and Google will handle it,so it's really the last thing to consider the possibility of being spammed.


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