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Tackle Runescape Players Concerns over It

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    For a long time I was RS3 just, and I really do enjoy the combat and lots of the content that is updated. Invention is intriguing, divination stinks, and I truly liked the M&S update (despite its obvious shortcomings), but one day I decided to start an OSRS Ironman, and I have never looked back. So I'm an opposite case. The myreque questline is cool too. Lost my curiosity about RS3 after maxing and finishing all of quests (such as"You are it"). Once they release the new skill, may get back into it.It's important to realise that Jagex is a company like any other. Unfortunately alot of the things are subsequently blindsided by questionable decisions and events that leave a sour taste in peoples mouths. No matter heres a few of highlights. A personal favorite of mine, big new island, handful of new slayer monsters, new agility course that doesnt make me want to expire after 5 minutes on it, and most importantly big game hunter, which despite its flaws is easily among the very fun skilling approaches in OSRS Gold  .

    Added higher tiers of funds so making a tier and removed ore competition 50 chestplate didnt require max smithing. Made mining considerably more AFK and made smithing less reliant on earning 1000's of items by making you only able to smith one at one time. It also included power armour meaning you can get dope asf armour without needing to do any'high level'. New PVM hub, although not the very expansive upgrade but the accession of boss portals, adren crystals and prayer/summoning altars at a 1click teleport make effective PVM substantially more viable for non maxed RuneScape players. Personally it made me to struggle a few bosses for the first time in weeks New farming training methods that were slightly more interesting than just doing tree runs. There are plenty of other excellent things Jagex has put out, Elite Dungeons, Deep Sea Fishing, the couple recent quests have been fairly decent etc.. But i digress.

    Constant MTX upgrades and Jagex insisting it isn't malicious despite nigh refusing to tackle RuneScape players concerns over it.Several skills have been translated to go to 120, but the content is sparse and not great, Invention the second portion of innovation didnt even come out for an whole calendar year. AFK exp events at the crater that is lumbridge, each couple months theres a brand new occasion where you stand in the crater AFK.

    Nerfing of skilling methods that are popular. AFK mining and the Old School Runescape Gold  participant owned farms both took a hit in their EXP rates and individuals were not happy. The fact that it took so long for both of these aswell is suspicious at best. Both occurred over a year after those who'd exploit it had and the upgrade. It just really didnt make any sense to do it in the time, all it did was antagonise those enojoyed these pieces of articles.

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